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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Canadian Thanksgiving

So I live with two affable and mild-mannered Canadians, Tom and Emily. They keep low on the weekends and we share the grocery bill and cook together sometimes so yeah, things are pretty casual and hunky-dory between us.

So, generous people that they are, the two Canucks invited me to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with them this Monday. I readily agree—someone else cooking your food is not something you should frequently, if ever, turn down. “So, does Canadian Thanksgiving have a special name or something?” I ask.

“Yeah,” says Tom from Toronto. “It’s just called Thanksgiving.

Oh. Right. Whatever. We have potatoes and steamed broccoli and a roasted chicken picked up from the store. Also some wine and dessert. A good time is had by all. “It’s weird that you have chicken for Thanksgiving,” I comment and pat my sated belly.

“We usually have turkey too. We’re not that backwards,” says Emily of Alberta.

Oh. Right. Whatever. It wasn’t an ornate affair, nothing lavish was whipped up, but it was nice to sit down and have a good, relaxing, and tasty meal. And it was ridiculously easy to make, too. Hopefully—once we get more acclimatized to our schedules—we’ll be able to do this more often, and not just on made-up Canadian holidays.


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