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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Reasons for starting this blog: To chronicle my thoughts over my impending travels and perhaps create some sort of cyber-linkage to you, and you, (etc.). To try out pieces of writing I'll be creating. To give this whole blog thing a whirl.

Where I'm calling from: Austin, TX

Where I'm soon to be calling from: Prague, Czech Republic

Why I'm leaving: Before you are reborn, you must die. So I'm killing off large chunks of my past in order to grow. Simple enough. Also, Prague kicks ass. Two in one, yeah?

What will happen: I will write and write and write: pens filled with grey ink will run their course and pass away in the loving care of my left hand. I will fly in planes and feel mildly sick. I will teach. I will drink. I will walk around at times and wonder what it's all about. and I figure I'll grin a lot, many times ironically, or in a bittersweet fashion. Maybe I'll luck into some things. Maybe I won't. And you--you'll look at the computer screen, read my contents, squint your eyes in imagination and maybe, just maybe, you'll see where I'm calling from.