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Friday, April 06, 2007

American Avimaan

Well I've been back in the States a couple of weeks now without posting. While I was traveling across Asia I made many notes for posts, outlined specific topics to write about, got ready and...

It never happened. When I came home, it was something else. I think maybe the trip had been so long that I processed a lot of it along the way, while sitting in 14 hour bus rides in Thailand and three hour waits in the Tokyo airport. So, essentially, while I have a lot of stories to tell from Asia and quite frankly I haven't told them to anyone, it looks like it's going to stay that way till someone asks me to crack the vault. I'm done traveling for a little while, you know?

So, I'm hoping to keep this blog going, but doing it in the United States seems a trifle strange for me. Here's a request to anyone who reads this (and to be honest, I was pretty surprised to find the range of people who read this regularly)--what part of the blog did you enjoy most? What posts/topics did you like me writing about? I would love some input about what flies here, especially if I am to continue.

Cheers and it's nice to be back in this beautiful Texas weather,